Cloudian and QStar Deliver Media Archive Solution for High-Value Digital Assets
April 5, 2016

Cloudian, Inc., the leading provider of hybrid cloud smart data storage solutions, today announced its close collaboration with QStar Technologies, Inc. to provide enterprise customers with a broadcast and media archive solution for high-value digital assets. At the 2015 National Association for Broadcasters (NAB) Show, QStar, a global provider of enterprise-class archival and data management software solutions, and Cloudian will showcase how HyperStore software and appliances with QStar Archive Manager software help media companies ensure long term security and easy access to data. “Broadcast and media assets can generate revenue for decades, but if they become damaged or lost, they can be very expensive, if not impossible, to recreate. Ensuring the long term security of these high-value assets is essential,” said Paul Turner, chief marketing officer at Cloudian. “Cloudian HyperStore, together with QStar Archive Manager, offers a media preservation solution that ensures easy access to data, long-term security and unlimited scalability.” Cloudian and QStar simplify the integration of self-managing, self-healing storage into existing Media Asset Management (MAM) environments. QStar Archive Manager software provides a NAS-style archive gateway to Cloudian HyperStore’s S3-based object storage platform and can be installed on physical or virtual Windows or Linux servers. Cloudian HyperStore is a highly fault-tolerant storage solution at a cost that is comparable to a tape archive. A critical benefit unique to HyperStore is that objects can be optionally tiered to Amazon S3, or Glacier, or any other S3 cloud. “We are very excited to work with Cloudian on archive solutions for the broadcast and media market,” said Riccardo Finotti, president and CEO, QStar Technologies. “Our existing integration with leading MAM providers can benefit prospective Cloudian customers who wish to protect their video assets while maintaining significantly faster time to data than tape. Cloudian’s unique tiering through private and public clouds gives the market a flexible and highly cost-effective...

When Ransomware Takes Control
April 5, 2016

So what exactly is Ransomware? Ransomware is a form of malware, which accesses your computer and encrypts your digital data, so that you can no longer open or read it. This malware can infect your PC when you open an attachment from an email sent by a stranger. The malware is linked to this attachment and infects all computer data. But that is only for starters… The malware also infects the extensions connected to your computer. If you use a shared network drive, a cloud computing or an external connection (USB key or hard disk), the ransomware encryption can propagate. If you use a shared network drive, all the computers in your company could have unusable files. And if you did not take the precaution to back up your data on an external protected support, you risk losing everything. This, it goes without saying, is highly problematic for the future of your company. What do hackers want? Your money! If you are the victim of this kind of malware, the hacker provides a means to recover your data. Only one file remains functional on your PC. The hacker installed this file, which explains how to pay the ransom to regain access to your files. But even paying this ransom will not ensure you see your data again. The Synerway Appliance as a rampart against Ransomware To avoid any problems, you can still be careful and ignore suspect emails. Nevertheless, the most efficient solution is to protect your data by backing up regularly. Synerway Appliances represent the best solution on the market to back up your data, in part because they are fully encapsulated and fully protected from any external attacks. Your backed-up data cannot be affected by malware. Disk Mirroring to avoid losing any data Depending on the configuration of your Appliance, backups are often programmed each evening. As such, you can lose up to one day’s worth of data. Once again, Synerway has solutions to lose zero data. The disk mirroring feature enables you to back up your data in real time. If you are the victim of an incident, the latest modifications made on your computer will already be backed up. Simply restore a snapshot of the data from just prior to the attack and you are safe! Against Ransomware, act before you need to...

Availability of Osnexus QuantaStor v4 Hyperscale SDS Platform
April 1, 2016

OSNEXUS, Inc. announced the availability of QuantaStor v4, a hyperscale SDS platform that enables organizations to turn commodity hardware into globally scalable storage grids with file, block and object protocol access. Supporting up to 64 storage appliances and petabytes in a single grid, QuantaStor v4 provides encrypted storage across all standard protocols, with support for all major server vendors (HP, Dell, Cisco, IBM/Lenovo and SuperMicro), all managed as a single grid storage system. “With the release of QuantaStor v4 our goal is to help enterprises reach new levels of efficiency. QuantaStor enables deployment, allocation and management of their storage assets worldwide and addresses the needs for encryption and hyperscale,” said Steve Umbehocker, CEO, Osnexus. “QuantaStor v4’s use of open technologies and our hardware neutral approach enables Osnexus to offer a unified SDS solution on a heterogeneous mix of enterprise server hardware with a rich software feature set bundled into one solution.” QuantaStor v4 allows IT generalists to take advantage of complex open source file, block and object SDS technologies with only a few mouse clicks for use cases including high-performance computing, media and entertainment, life sciences, financial services, big data and virtualization. QuantaStor v4 highlights: File, block and object storage – QuantaStor v4 adds support for scale-out object storage via the S3 and SWIFT compatible REST based protocols with scalability to 64PB of storage and 64 appliances per grid. In addition, it integrates Ceph-storage technology to deliver scale-out block storage (iSCSI, Ceph RBD) and GlusterFS technology for scale-out NAS and file storage. Security and encryption – QuantaStor v4 features ‘one-click’ full drive encryption with AES-256 as well as on-the-wire encryption via SMB3, IPSec, and HTTPS. Encryption and decryption performance is accelerated by much as eight times through the use of Intel’s AES-NI technology found on Xeon processors. HA – Multi-node scale-out configurations are highly available with near instant failover. Additionally, native protocol support enables scale-out storage to be used for a range of use cases and platforms including VMware. Remote replication – Replicate storage volumes over a LAN or WAN to another QuantaStor v4 system with remote replication. Ideal for replicating critical workloads to a DR site. Replication integrates with snapshots providing minimal data across on-premises or cloud storage...